Going to the River. Yahoo!

I am buying a swim suit and water socks then heading to the River to meet up with Erik and the kids. It's so hot ...I think 90s.

I like to let someone know where in nature I'm going just in case but no one answered their phone so I'm letting you moms know...

I'll be at Clearwater Park not too far away from where I live.

Have a good day today. Hope y'all get a chance to cool off from our summer heat!!!

    Thanks...just got back. The kids' mom joined us :-) Erik invited her out with us earlier but she declined. Once I was there, she texted me and asked if I was with them. I said yes and that she could've joined us, not knowing that Erik had already invited her. Erik's son said that Dad already invited mom before me...I think she was waiting for me to invite her out or at least get my OK before coming which I think is pretty cool, although unnecessary. I'm just not the jealous type when it comes to the 2 of them. I've heard so much from them individually about the other...sometimes I have to laugh...coz they're talking about people who don't exist anymore..at least that's how I see it....People change and grow from experiences.... Still cool of her to wait until I was with them. Erik and the kids were at the river before me because I didn't have water socks or a swim suit. I found a really cute conservative one which I thought was a little out of price range, BUT I haven't done any real self care in a while so I could justify my splurge.
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