Tell Me Your Pet Story!!!

I'm trying to convince my parents to let me get a kitten lol. We had a family cat for 17 years, but he died a couple years ago. The dog died about a year later. Neither of my parents really want pets anymore but there's a family on our street with a pregnant cat. I'm sure she'll let us have one for free because she knows us and our family. I miss the magic and the love a pet brought to our family. So I hope I get to have one of those kittens lol.

So what are your pet stories ladies? How did you wind up with the pets you have now? Did you have to beg like me lol?

    We have a fish! Lol this thing has lived through just about everything. I got him right after I met my husband and my husband named him. He has been moved about 10 times. Once on the bus in a cup with a straw so no one would know what it was. Lol once from state to state with us and somehow he has survived it all.
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        Oh, I LOVE animals. Right now, we only have two cats because the housing we stayed in on base had a two-pet limit. One of them I got from the shelter. The other I found mosying around the neighborhood, Kek. I posted a sign on the neighborhood mailboxes to see if she belonged to anyone, and it turns out she did. When the neighbor came to pick her up though, she said I looked so sad that she asked her husband if I could just keep her, LOL. Now she and I are friends and lovely lil Kek stays with me. :D We want to get a puppy soon though.
        I really wanted a dog lol. But I knew that would be more work than a cat and I know it'll be spending most of its time with my family so I needed a fairly maintenance-free animal. And cats pretty much take care of themselves lol. Once we get our own place, Clara and I will probably adopt an adult Great Dane. That's what I really want. I adore puppies, but I don't have the kind of time to invest in training them. An adult dog would be great lol.
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