Grey sky and orange sun

hi guys for the past few days in Iowa the sky has been grey and I have wondered why and I found out it is smoke from the California wild fires and it has traveled almost 1,000 miles to Iowa and after I found that out I went outside and the sun was orange and I found out that that was from the smoke it is a illusion that makes the sun look like that so tell me ladies do you see a grey sky outside and a orange sun because I want to know if that is only in Iowa or if you see what I see but I took pictures take a look

Grey sky and orange sunGrey sky and orange sun
    I'm on the other coast these days, so no smoke for me, but I have seen it do that in southern Georgia before when Florida was one fire. It actually "rained" ash for a while, just from the wind blowing it around.... It seriously looked like it was snowing ever so slightly. Would collect on the cars and everything.
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