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Ladies, What are your feelings about Daycares / Babysitters that are NOT family related? This is something that I have never done before. I've been thinking with all the hours that i work, and that my husband works that I should look into some kind of Daycare for our Daughter. But, the thought of leaving her with strangers frankly makes me feel sick. She has yet to be with anyone who was NOT family to us, for any amount of time. (and she is 3) But, with some upcoming changes in our current families schedules this is something we have too consider...that or i'll cut back on my work hours and make my own schedule more flexible with my husbands. Do you have daycares/nannys that help you out? Did it work out well? What are things that i should look for as red flags regarding daycares?
-Thank you!

    Audrey and Mason were in a "preschool" daycare last year for 9 hours/week. I currently have a mother's helper that comes for 9 hours/week. They both loved school, and really enjoy having someone other than myself to interact with. I have really enjoyed the break and the ability to get some of my work done. Be sure that you tour the school maybe more than once with your child so they can take a look and you can see how people interact with her.
      I'm not sure how I feel about daycares as of yet, but the thought distresses me a little. I think if you get recommendations from other moms and pay close attention to your child to make sure nothing bad is going on, it'll probably be fine though. I think I would like the idea of a nanny better for the simple reason I would be choosing the person, be able to keep an eye on them (nanny cams or something) I don't like the idea that daycares can hire new people whenever, and I'd just have to hope they'd done their homework so to say.
        Yeah thats my things with Daycares too, just not knowing who exactly is watching my daughter freaks me out! And then you hear all these horror stories about things happening at Daycares doesnt help my anxiety! I think if i go any route it would be more like a nanny/ babysitter then a daycare. Just not knowing freaks me out, i am too protective of my little one to just leave her where i dont feel like she will be watched as well as i watch her. you know?
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