Ovulation help

Has anyone used vitrex and/or Robitussin to help with ovulation? I'm about to start a regime that also includes b6, B50 complex and baby aspirin. Feeling hopeless so any positive feedback on any of this would be appreciated.

    I have! I used Fertilitea which has Chasteberry (Vitex) and it worked like a charm! After three+ years of trying to get pregnant without any help, I was pregnant the first month I used it. That month I also used soy isoflavones ($5 for a whole bottle at Walmart, marketed as a menopause pill.) for cycle days 1-5, and Evening Primrose Oil until ovulation. Plus a bunch of normal types of vitamins. I hope it works for you!!! I've heard baby aspirin, like you said, can help too depending on why you've not gotten pregnant.
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