Exercise could lead to trouble conceiving? New research says yes.

Getting your blood pumping, lowering your cortisol levels, maintaining a healthy body.... These all sound like good things, right?

Well, they are, but some research suggests that too much exercise can make you less likely to conceive.

"A study published in March in Fertility and Sterility revealed that normal-weight woman—those with a body mass index (BMI) under 25—who engaged in vigorous exercise like running, swimming, and aerobics for five or more hours a week were 42 percent less likely to get pregnant than women who did not exercise at all."

FIVE HOURS. That's not much time at all, especially if you're running!

Gluten can also have an impact on your fertility... and sunlight!

Follow the sun. Then there are those factors you may have never imagined: In addition to your biological clock, think about the circadian one. Frequent long-distance fliers like female flight attendants and night-shift workers such as nurses have been shown to have fertility and menstrual issues, as they are often out of sync with the external light cycle. A lab study on female mice, published in the May issue of PLoS One, draws a direct correlation between a disruption in the circadian clock, the internal timekeeping mechanism that tracks the time of day, and pregnancy outcomes

I'm a night owl, so maybe that's one I need to pay attention to.

This article on US News has quite a few reasons for having trouble trying to conceive that many of us haven't thought about.

Do you think you've been affected by any of these things?

What other reasons for trouble trying to conceive can you think of?

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