Does stress really affect fertility?

Anyone who has been publicly trying to conceive for a while has heard the phrase, "Just relax and it'll happen." While this phrase is absolutely maddening when you've been trying a long time, it's well meant and seems to have some legitimacy behind it.

I know being stressed can affect your hormones, and your hormones affect your blood sugar. Your hormones and your blood sugar can affect your fertility.

I know a lot of us TTC gals want to hear something more definite like take this magic potion, BAM! BABY!... But... Chilling out does seem to help a lot of people. Plus, it's free, which is also nice, lol.

Did the old saying hold true for you?

Do you know of any good ways to relax when you've been trying to conceive a long time?

    4Emily Goforth
    that's what they kept telling me, relax don't stress. When I found out I was pregnant with my son I had just switched specialists and was on medication for PCOS. I hadn't been trying to get pregnant, had kinda come to terms with maybe I wasn't meant to be a mom at that time.
    Eat healthy, make sure hubby is too lol, just try to enjoy each other. It will happen. P.s. I had done a little research when I was trying to conceive and had found that tobacco products (of any kind) can cause your partners "swimmers" to be slow.
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