Good luck, bad luck and why it has nothing to do with luck.

I got to thinking last night about my son. He's pretty fascinated with the idea of days either being good luck days or bad luck days. I have spent a lot of time trying to help him understand that luck isn't something that you base your life on. I have been trying to help him understand that even on his bad luck days some good things happen.

I think I have been missing the forest for the trees.

My son is on the spectrum, as many of you may know. He has a hard time expressing himself, or it can be difficult to understand exactly what he means when he says some things. Because he is such a concrete thinker at times I tend to go straight for the obvious, like with the whole luck issue. I really thought he believed in luck as a deciding factor for his days.

That's not it at all. He's just trying to tell me if it's been a good day or a bad day. He's trying to let me know he's feeling down, or bad, or good... or whatever he is feeling. But he expresses it by saying good luck or bad luck.

I know that not only kids on the autism spectrum get caught up in these thoughts. What are some of the ways your child expresses what they are feeling?

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