On my way to Labor and Delivery...

To get checked...Water has not broken...I repeat my water has not broken and I am NOT in labor....Although the subject heading is misleading lol...

I am super swollen on my right ankle and it's difficult for me to walk on. I have 10 days to move out and have the place cleaned up. I'm a little bit stressed. Have bug bites everywhere from yesterday's outing in the river. I called my OB clinic and the OB on call was super sweet and she is concerned about a blood clot. She said the indentation on my other leg from when I had put my feet up on the coffee table doesn't sound right. It's been at least 2 weeks and the compression hasn't gone away.

I'll keep y'all posted when I return. I doubt I'll have my baby tonight...Count down continues... 38 weeks on Thursday....

Have a good evening, mamas!

    Omg... Almost there... so excited and glad for you, MaryJane!!!
    It's good to know you have nice OB, sure it is one of the most important things before due date.
      Good luck! I hope everything goes well :-) keep us posted!!
        I'm at the house, forgot a few things and need to do a few things on the computer before I leave again.

        Yeah, right, no internet for a little while. I'm hoping to get service this week as long as they don't ask for the money upfront because it'll be next month before I'm able to pay it.

        Yes, pitting edema...the nurse pressed on my swollen ankle and said it wasn't too bad because indent went away after a few seconds. Boy, my ankles were horrible looking early this morning!
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