When is a teen old enough to go to a concert alone?

This is a light debate in our house right now. Mini wants to go to a concert that I have no interest in going to. She swears up and down that she would be fine if I dropped her and her friend off. I'm nervous, I will admit it. She is 16... but I just don't know.

So who is right here mommas? I'm right and she can't go alone, or she is right and I need to stop worrying so much?

    I know that that was the age that my friends started seeing concerts, but I was never allowed to go. I know that between that group of friends, their parents had talked and one would chaperone a group of kids like 8-10 at a time for a concert. That being said, i would be nervous about it too.
      I think it might honestly depend on the type of concert for me, as weird as that probably sounds. I think 15-16 is a good age for most concerts. But for something like Cradle of Filth... I don't know.
      My only issue with Warped tour, is that people can get kind of out of control with mosh pits and things, a couple of my friends came back one year with broken bones, lol. One broke her collar bone and the other broke something in her wrist. If she steers clear of that, then it's a good show. :)
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