Baby Registry!

I seriously need to get on this, our family wants to buy things and I have no idea what to ask for!

    Oh boy, where to start?

    What do you have already?

    You know you will need a crib, although you don't need a full size one right away. You may prefer a bassinet or a pack and play. You might want to add things like your stroller and car seat if a few people want to pitch in to get those things (or grandma is feeling like spoiling her soon to be grand baby, lol). A baby bathtub is something you won't need right away but is very useful.
    thanks! So far we have a crib, mattress, a few sheets, a dresser and a changing table. Oh and some clothes I randomly find, but, idk the small things to ask for! Or what is too much to ask for lol! I want a breast pump but is that too much?

    (My mom is taking care of the car seat & my friend is doing the stroller)
      It's courteous to put a wide variety of items with varying prices on a registry so guests have choices. Don't feel you have to accommodate your guests by scanning stuff in there that you're not going to use of course...Noone can go wrong by scanning baby essentials: diapers, wipes, etc

      Usually there's an introduction piece and you can add a brief message.

      From my experience, guests will pick out what they want you to have regardless of what's on your registry.
        I'm in the same boat as you are! This is our first child, so I have nothing and don't really know what to ask for, but I have received some great suggestions. The ones I listed below are ideas I never thought of and found helpful.

        1. Car seat with two bases (so you don't have to switch both out every time you and your husband switch cars)
        2. Baby nail clippers
        3. Swaddle blankets
        4. Rock 'N' Play

        And the list could go on, but aside from the essentials, these are what several moms recommended to me!
          When I asked on here, everyone told me to get ONESIES. But I'd add a little bit of everything, so people can pick and choose with prices.
            I didn't do a registry or a baby shower with this one but I did with my daughter. I basically put anything on it that I thought I'd want for her with the exception of toys, i really didn't put those on. Since you already have some of the basics, here's some I recommend. I put a mixture of both larger and smaller items so that there is a range of prices so anyone that wants to can get the baby something:

            Crib set & mobile in your chosen theme(if you don't already have one)
            Blankets(receiving, regular and swaddling so you have a mixture)
            Bath items(baby shampoo, lotion, powder, hooded towels, tub, grooming items, diaper rash cream)
            Bottles(if bottle feeding or supplementing) or breast pump & supplies
            Pacifiers(if you plan on using them) - several - you will lose them lol
            Diapers & wipes(it's always nice to stock up on at least the first couple diaper sizes) or cloth diapering supplies
            Baby wrap or carrier
            Basic clothes(onesies, sleepers, socks)
            Bibs & burp clothes

            Possibles(you may want to consider having more than just the crib for your baby to sleep)

            Pack n play
            Rock n play

            Honestly I would put on anything that you think you are going use. If you know already that someone is buying a particular item for you then of course you wouldn't need to put those on. Having had children and gone to multiple baby showers, people generally expect there to be several different items to pick up. As long as you have a range of items for people to pick from I wouldn't be concerned about the actual # of items. I spent hours inside Babies r us with my mom scanning stuff to my registry lol. Besides it's kinda fun to see what choices people make when it comes to picking stuff for the baby. Then after your shower, you can decide for yourself if you really want or need any of the items left on it and buy them yourself, a lot of places will give you a percentage discount off to use on remaining registry items if you buy anything.
              I've heard a lot of moms love swaddling blankets. Also, I wouldn't put a lot of clothes on your registry. People seem to just love buying baby clothes so you'll get some either way.
              I had my baby shower early and I got A LOT of baby clothes. :)
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