I may be getting a little excited for nothing, but according to my charting/calendar...there's a good chance we may end up conceiving this month...

With my health issues we were told to not try for a couple months - So I stopped looking at the charts and calendars and stopped temping, blah blah blah... well, out of curiosity I went to my app and added the days we did the baby dance... Once the day before I ovulated, once the day after...

Oops... kinda. I'm not getting too excited yet because like I said, I didn't temp or anything that was just when I was 'supposed' to ovulate...but how cool would that be? I mean it would complicate a few things but it would also an amazing thing...

Good thoughts appreciated.

I agree. I mean, we didn't use protection at all, but I just stopped thinking about it I guess...Maybe thats what I needed though...they always say it happens when you least expect it, right?
    Thanks ladies. :) I'm hoping for the best, but not getting too excited, which is hard. lol.
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