ADHD in girls, is it different than boys?

When I told my family about my daughter getting an ADHD diagnosis they looked at me like "Really?"

My daughter has never been hyper, if anything she's always been incredibly laid back. Sure she talks a lot, but lots of kids do. She'd been described as being in her own world a lot and at times missed out on instruction without anyone even noticing. Why? Because she was inattentive. Yep, that's a type of ADHD, inattentive type.

They don't typically bounce off walls or run around recklessly. This is the kid you might accidentally leave on the playground because she wasn't paying attention when the class went inside. You may think she is scatterbrained because she never seems organized. But ADHD? Nooo.

Here's some information about how ADHD may show up differently in girls. In our case it was very true.

Have you ever known a child like this?…

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