I don't normally mind doing most things at home but today...I don't know if it's PMSing or because it was a busy day today...Tristen was wild and it's the weekend so my husband is home.

So this was my day...the child woke up at midnight and I had to go comfort him, then he was awake by 7 ish, we got up I took him for an hour walk, we came home and I cooked breakfast, we played for a few hours then it was nap time, while Tristen was napping I mowed the front yard, cleaned out the garden, made lunch for my husband, cleaned the whole house, did a few loads of laundry, the boy woke up and I made him lunch, we played and read and ran around for a few hours then I made dinner, made everyone's plates like I do every meal, bathed the child, we played a while longer then I put the child to bed. I finally laid him down and my husband who has sat in the recliner ALL day, he didn't even get his own water, looked at me and said "I'm exhausted!" I had to take a few deep breaths and just walk out of the room. And then get on here and vent lol I swear the man is WAY spoiled...but it's my fault :-)

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    07/21/14 wasn't easy to control my mouth but this was our deal when we decided for me to stay home. Well, the mowing the lawn wasn't a part of that but I am better at it. Lol
      Sounds like a busy day! You handled that situation very gracefully. I'm kind of mouthy, so I applaud you!
      Oh I'm super mouthy as well. I try not to be with my doesn't always work though. Lol
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