Toca hairsalon me

My daughter was looking on her Apple IPad and she found this cool app it is called Toca hairsalon me where you take your picture or anyone's picture you want and it takes the picture and putes it on a body and gives it hair and you get to style and color the hair if you don't really understand me you can go to your Apple App Store and go under the kids apps section and type in Toca Hairsalon and there is a couple versions of the app but take the one that is $2.99 yes it is $2.99 but trust me it will keep the kids busy for hours that is if you have kids ages 9 and up kids under that age probably would not understand it but as you can see in the image below my daughter took our cat Treetrunk's picture and gave him hair it is sooooo fun you have never seen anything like it

Toca hairsalon me
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