So I've been off here a while to let myself relax and quit obsessing over TTC. so here's an update any advice would be helpful,

AF in June was sooooo different. It was a lot lighter but not so light I'd consider it IB. last exactly 3 days(not a common thing for me, mine are usually 5 days or longer) with no clots which I usually have at least some. Then I just had about every symptom you could think of, I was hoping I didn't trick my body into a weird cycle from TTC. Then for about a week and a half after AF I just felt wet all the time even my husband was thinking I was always in the mood because of it lol. Then after that cm was thick lotion like for a few days then back to almost no cm. my cp went from high and open to really high closed and it has tilted to the right but today it tilted back to where I can barley feel the opening. My temps have been on a steady raise in the past week. I've been having nausea, hot flashes then cold flashes ( thought I was getting a cold for a while) tired like all the time. I was getting worried that I was just getting lazy from not having a job the past few months. Bbs off and on sore, I feel like I'm starving at times then after 4 bites I feel full. Bloating, cramping sort of pain on my right ovary area which is also the same side my cervix was tilted yesterday. I've been using Dollar store test cause my Tricare doesn't kick in till next month. Next AF is due August 1st so I figured I had to show a BFP by now. But all BFN with FMU AND SMU. The wimen in my family have a history of being months alongside before producing enough hcg to show on a urine test and I can afford a blood test till August 13 omg I'm going crazy with this.

    thank you Brande. I've been trying not to think about it since June so I'd give myself a time to just relax. I didn't think anything was up but maybe a cold till my temps went on a steady rise and the cp and cm was way different then in the past lol. I tried really hard not to get my hopes up with everything I'm experiencing. I just keep telling myself that I was making my body out of whack by the previous months of TTC. I'm just gonna leave it in gods hands and pray that he thinks I'm ready this time and blesses me with a child. I'll update next week when AF is due again let y'all know.
      Prayers for you, Barbara. I know about getting your hopes up and staying in limbo. If you've been trying a while, and especially if your cycles are long or irregular, I can't reccomend FertiliTea enough. It worked the first month for me after years of trying. That is, of course, if you find out you aren't pregnant right now. Looking forward to your update!
        AHHHHHHH... 2 out of 6 test BFP. I think I did wait longer than the time limit but I always do lol. I have never even had an evap line let alone a faint pink line. Please let this be the one! AF due in a week supposedly so we will see.
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