I am getting impatient

I am getting very, very impatient. I am 39weeks and due on the 23rd. I wasn't dilated at all last week, no contractions , no loss of any liquid. Baby boy is head down, and has dropped . I don't know when he will come, I really don't want to go over due, and I know I wont go into labor in the next two days but you never know. I am a single mom, so I cant have sex , I live in Florida on the beach, and its too hot to walk outside, and it hurts to walk lately. I have been drinking the pregnancy tea. I have been taking evening primrose oil capsules for the past two days, I know it doesn't start labor , that it just softens your cervix. But I don't know what else I can do. I know I cant control when he will come, but I am going crazy.

    Red raspberry and rosemary are supposed to help. Other than that, I don't know. :( Hang in there!
      I would say to hold steady, but from the post I read earlier it sounds like you may not have to be impatient anymore!
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