Credit Cards

How many people make their credit card payment for the month just to turn around and have to charge something else on it within the next couple days? Am I the only one who does this? This credit card has turned out to be a curse for me

    Yes.. Unfortunately we've had to live on the credit card balances a few times.. We are working on paying them off and only using it for trips, online purchases (safety, if somebody steals it, it's easier to dispute) and emergency.
      I do that all the time. I usually pay my card off 2-3 times a month so I can keep using it.
        I seem to use it way to much year round. We are always having to use it to get things we need when the other money runs out.Which for me is all the time. I put way to much on it this past christmas..I'm gonna try and stop using it after I get the kids school stuff and we want to take a trip to Kings Dominion next month..I feel I'm never gonna get it paid off
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