So, last night, my baby boy was up til 4am, hyper as can be. Now, he is getting the adequate amount of naps, and is sleeping through the night. This weekend however, my husband's family was in town, and of course they are all over him, and they pass him back and forth. They drive me crazy. I told my husband I thought it was over stimulation, but of course he doesn't seem to think so. How can I calm an over stimulated baby in these circumstances? It's definitely nothing personal with his family, because their hearts are in the right place, but I think it was too much for him. I could be wrong too, but it's happened before when he's been overstimulated. I'm so stressed about this, and of course the lack of sleep didn't help, so I'm at my wits end not sure what to do. I feel like crying. I really hope tonight is a better night for him. :(

    Have you tried using something like lavender essential oils to calm his lil nerves? Overstimulation is hard on everyone. Best of luck and well wishes to you.
      8Theresa Gould
      If everyone is still there, maybe he won't "come back down" so to speak until everyone sounds like you did everything you could to bring him back to a normal setting.
        It started after we got home from my mother in law's house, which is where they were staying. I really did try everything. I was also thinking that he has been having gas issues the last couple days too, and I'm wondering if that was part of it too, because he really just couldn't relax at all. He has been spitting up more and seems to be struggling. Even though we give him gas drops, which used to work great, they just don't seem to be doing the job anymore. I did just call the pediatrician and she recommended slowing the feedings down, but he doesn't seem to be feeding fast, so she said that we could go ahead and try a different one. I'm hoping that helps a little. At this point, I am willing to try anything, because I want my baby to be comfortable.
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