stupid computer

today has been the first time i have ever recieved to blue screen of death. had this computer five months and has been in the shop three times. what a waste of money

4Santana FerrellColumbus, Ohio
    8Theresa Gould
    :( Sorry about your computer. We have a laptop that has been sent in multiple times over the five years we have had it but the warranty was finally up this year. We will eventually have to replace it but it is still functioning. I wouldn't buy another laptop like it though. It as been a frustrating piece of technology to say the least so I share your frustration.
      Not the BSOD! That SUCKS! There are free repair tools you can get online to repair such things. What version of Windows?
        4Santana Ferrell
        oh no i never buy apple lol. yes theresa very frutrating i luckily have a warrenty good through feb. cassandra i have windows sorry my phone and this site dont like each other i cant type numbers lol
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