Good news for PCOS!

PCOS is a pain in the butt anytime, but especially when trying to conceive.

The irregular cycles, the pain, the weird hormones making life difficult. Plus all the other symptoms that can come with PCOS like weight gain and hair growth... If you've got it, I'm sure you probably know just the struggles I'm talking about.

PCOS is a very common cause for infertility in women, but there's good news! There's a new drug that may help better than clomizine citrate (Clomid) that's more effective, has fewer risks, and is less likely to result in a twin pregnancy.

It's called letrozole and it iblocks estrogen production. Fingers crossed that this is as good as it says it is!

You can read more about it here:…

Do you have PCOS? Has it affected your fertility?

Have you tried Clomid?

Would you try letrazole?

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    8Theresa Gould
    No I haven't experienced PCOSs but I am glad there's a new alternative out there for women.
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