Article: Lowering the Bar. At Least for Today.

This article took me back to when I was a young mom. I had pretty high expectations of myself, of our children and of my husband. It literally took me years to lowering my standards. So it made me wonder how many other moms put a lot of pressure on themselves about their home, their mothering skills and even their husband's fathering and partnering skills.

I liked how this author realizes her limitations and admits them...this is something I didn't always do for myself especially in regards to letting up on the house cleaning....remember I am a recovering neat-nick....and I was out to prove to certain individuals that having children didn't mean it had to change the way my house looked....well now I have eight and am completely outnumbered!

When was the last time you lowered the bar for yourself, your partner and your children?…

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    That's great advice. I think a lot of us put way too much pressure on ourselves to have everything perfect all the time. It's not fair to feel like a failure when things aren't EXACTLY the way you want them, to yourself or to those around you. This is something I still struggle with on most days, and I'm not a mom yet.
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