How do you busy yourself during the two-week wait?

Though pregnancy tests have become very sensitive in the past years, and many of us find out we're pregnant even before our periods are due, I know a lot of us try to wait until after that just in case of a chemical pregnancy.

But, let's face it... The two week wait can be hard and anxiety inducing! There's nothing else to do to change your chances... there's only waiting. And waiting. And sometimes it seems like the longest two weeks EVER when you're trying to conceive.

So I'm just curious.. What do you ladies do to keep your mind off of baby-making during the two week wait?

Are you the type who looks for every symptom, keeps temping, etc?

Or like me when you just want to think about something else for a while 'cause you know you'll drive yourself nuts?

Let me know how you keep from being impatient!

    I keep temping, and I buy a BUNCH of cheap HPT's so I can test whenever I want. It helps to keep the anxiety down (for me, anyway).

    I also binge watch TV series on Netflix to keep my mind off of things.
    Oh my gosh, I buy a TON of tests too. Hubby laughed at me once because we were at the store and I just emptied the entire (I think it's 10? or 20?) BOX of pregnancy tests into my basket. I just test constantly, but otherwise try not to think about it...

    I think it helps it be less of a surprise if it's negative when the two weeks are up. It's not a moment of "I've been waiting to take this test for AGES" it's just another test, and it takes the sting out of it for me.
      Susan Joslin
      Some Wal-Mart's carry a hpt for $.88. You can also get hot from real cheap. I used them when to find out I was preggo with my ten month old.
      Yep, those are the ones I use until after my period is late, then I use digital tests. They're just more accurate/sensitive in my opinion.
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