I have been getting up at 5 o'clock every morning and cant go back too sleep i guess that's a major reason why i am so tired all the time AND on top of that i am constipated i know a lot of women get it during pregnancy but the only thing that works for me is suppositories and i don't always want too rely on them

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i will try that thanks and sometimes i am uncomfortable i have two regular pillows and 2 body pillows my husband is getting tired of all the pillows cause they take up so much room on the bed but he understands i need them lol i don't know if i should try another pillow lol i know they can give me something for sleep if i need it but i really dont want too take any meds that i really dont have too take i hate side effects too everything DONT KNOW WHAT TOO DO
    I don't have this issue. My issue is that I wake up frequently through the out the night, if i can sleep more than 2 hrs at a time without waking up then it was a good night. Sometimes I wake up because I have to pee, but a lot of times It seems like I wake up for no reason, and even though I almost always go right back to sleep, when you wake up 4 or 5 times a night, it's like you barely even slept.
      WOW that's crazy some days i wake up i feel ok until the day starts going by then i start too get extremely tired like its bed time already but i wont take a nap its like i start too and then my body just wakes me up from closing my eyes i wonder if its the fact that i worry about so much too the point that when i don't want too worry and try too give my brain a break it just keeps on running anyway lol I DON'T KNOW lol
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