Are parents afraid to discipline?

I was reading through an article where the author states that parents are afraid to discipline.

I think there may be a tiny grain of truth to that in general, but not really all around. We aren't afraid to discipline. But at the same time we hear all kinds of advice on how to do it right. Spank, don't spank. Using the word no is okay, but maybe not. Be kind, but don't be a push over.

Sometimes it is really hard to know when to put on your mom hat and dole out the discipline! I mean there are clear cut cases like when your six year old purposely breaks their siblings toy. But what about when your six year old has a bad grade school? Do you discipline? Look for the cause? What is the right way to handle it? That question can drive us all a little crazy.

What is your thought on discipline? Are we afraid to do it?

    I think people are afraid more because of the judgement of other people. They don't want to look like a bad parent because they said No and their kid pitched a fit in the store, etc. I intend to be firm. I don't like feeling like I'm being judged but I am raising a person. Someone who will grow up and affect other people somehow. If I have to discipline my kids, I will. I'll try to avoid spanking, and yelling. I think if you have to yell you've already lost half the fight...but I won't be afraid.
    As for a bad grade? I'd look for the -why- of it. Is it the tests? The homework? I myself almost never did my homework but I understood the class and I always passed the tests. Granted, my kids will do their homework. I don't want their grades to suffer like mine did because my mom didn't bother to check in on my school progress. I will figure out why a grade was bad and help them work on it.
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      I think in some ways because with cell phones readily available and cameras every where, it can be scary to put that foot forward for one wrong move to me taken wrong etc.
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