If time could speed up I'd love that, but I know once the baby's delivered and starts to grow I'll wish for time to slow down.

    Its a shame it doesn't work that way :( Time flies after they arrive. My oldest is already 3yrs and my youngest is 8 months today!! Crazy how time flies!
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      Its so weird right? We wish we could be over and done with it while we are pregnant and then later on we wish we could rebond with our babies like that. I miss my baby belly sometimes. Now I'm just left with the flab and extra skin from being pregnant. Oh and nine months with no period is also something I miss. Lol
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      I've been trying to conceive for a month now. I wish it was as easy as people make it look. One time definitely isn't enough in my case. I've been doing my research and being pregnant sounds extremely tough but an amazing experience I want to take.