Do you exercise with your kids?

I have always enjoyed exercising with someone. Doing it by myself is just dull. The good thing about kids is they can be your built in exercise buddies!

Mini and I like to go on walks together. Bub sometimes will go with us, but he prefers to do activities like sports instead. So with him I like to throw a baseball back and forth or play badminton.

Do you exercise with your kiddos?

    OMG do i love it!!!!!! I have 4 kids so we do tons of stuff right now we are all into the sports way of exercising i have my own little team its awesome lol. We actually just bought a basketball yesterday and played a good while. They are awesome motivation for me to keep active and i love it!!!! Cutest thing ever is your one year old trying to dribble a ball bigger then him :)
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