Flu Vaccine, yay or nay?

Do your kiddos get the flu vaccine? Mine do, every year. I know it's not fool proof but we haven't had a bad flu in our house at all in a long time. I don't always get it though, which isn't the smartest thing but I just forget.

So, flu shot? Yes or no?

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      I never got them as a kid, but now that I am an adult I get it every year. My mom didn't feel they were effective enough and they had a tendency to make people feel like crap for a few days. Now i think they're more effective than they were 10 years ago...so Idk if I would give my kids the flu shot, but I will continue to get them. I will vaccinate my kids with MMR and Tetanus and those types of things..but the jury's still out for me on the flu shot.
        8Theresa Gould
        Nope. I don't see the point. Some people get the flu when they get the vaccine.
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