Miss you Mommies!!

Hi Mommies!!! I have been overwhelmed at home, and have not been able to have enough energy or concentration to come online here. Hopefully all the chaos will subside, and all will go back to normal in the next month or so.

Here is just a quick little update on whats going on:
Hunter started walking all on his own just after 4th of July, and now we are having to chase him all around!! It is so exhausting but amazing!! And in 2 weeks will be his 1st birthday!!! Where has the time gone??

Morgan, Hunter's sister, is now with us full time as of right now. Her mom is going through some issues at home with her boyfriend, and it is safer and best for her to be away from all that. So this means another person in the house to help take care of.

Matt's Grandma's dementia has gotten worse, and she is a lot more work for us to handle. She needs a lot more attention, and it makes it hard to focus and spend as much time with Hunter. Thank goodness for Morgan, because he loves being around her, and seems to be unfased with what else is going on.

My mom was in a skilled nursing facility to hopefully get PT to help her infection in her legs and learn to walk again. However, the doctor there overdosed her on Morphine, and she was loosing her mind. I had her taken to the hospital and they had to admit her and detox her. Now she is in a new nursing facility and doing much better. Hopefully she will be able to move into assisted living in the next 2-3 weeks. But now my stress is cleaning her apt and selling her stuff. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

So needless to say, stress just seems to follow me!!!

But I am back and glad to see all of you mommies and get re-connected!! :)

She does live with us, but the cost of a nurse is just to much right now, and she is not incapable of taking care of herself. She just is getting lazy and does not care anymore. It is so sad. We take her to the senior center 3 times a week, and she loves that. But unfortunately they are closing, so will have to find another place for her to stay busy and keep her mind going. But, it is the daily tasks in the morning and at night. I have 3 kids in the house with her now. LoL.
    Hi Michelle, thank you for update! Glad to see your again)
    I'm so excited for Hunter!! 11 month and walking - great!
    Have you already baby-proofed your house?
    it's only for short time) As I know from my sister - my nephew is 1 y 10 month now - he will open everything he can and take to his mouth))
      Good to hear from you. Yes, looks like you've been very busy... I can understand the stress. I think overtime, if you haven't experienced it already...that this level of stress will be easier and manageable....OVER TIME.... With that said, I'm glad you are holding up in spite of all the family stuff on the home front. Continue to keep us posted. Happy advance birthday to Hunter! Maybe Hunter and my upcoming baby will have the same birthday.... She is due in 2 weeks.
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