Teen pregnancy, is it tragic in your eyes?

It seems like there is a huge stigma towards teen pregnancy. That if you get pregnant as a teen you are doomed to a life of being poor. That you will likely be a single mother. That teens parents can't possibly be good parents.

While it's not ideal, is it really a terrible thing? I'd love to hear thoughts on this!

    I don't believe it's a "terrible" thing by any means.. it's rather common nowadays anyways.. I wish that it wasn't looked upon lightly have a kid on general.. no matter your age.. I think you should be rather secure in your life, financially, emotionally, mentally, even in shape physically, because it's a HUGE change. I think that overall point of having kids is to give them a wonderful life.. so I think starting out as ahead and good as you can is a plus.. and obviously, randomly getting pregnant while very young isn't on that end of the spectrum. But to me, it definitely doesn't mean the end, it means a chance to get it all right and grow up a lot sooner.
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      So true sheila they should wait...having a baby is a huge responsibility and you can't do the things you like ....there's compromises you need to make.....the baby comes first before anything else....you have to willingly give up partying and hanging out with friends...and you have to support your child financially and emotionally...babies are not a toy...it's a huge responsibility being a mother
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        I think it is unfortunate, but both my sisters are now empty nesters and doing well in their careers. They had to bust their butts to get where they are today. I just found out my 40 year old sister got her LPN....so proud of her!
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