Doesn't seem right...

So we bought Tristen some big boy underwear today to help us along in the potty training :-) very excited about that! But what didn't make me very happy was the lack of options for boys (which is typical) but also that underwear for boys was almost $2 more than the ones for girls. It was the same brand and same size package but more money...doesn't seem right somehow.

    It is such a hassle! I think they are more because there is no competition. There was like 4-5 options for boys and probably 40 for girls. I mean I know they make the boys underwear a little different but not THAT different. I can only imagine how hard it is to find without cartoon characters. I was going to buy him the cloth training pants but they wanted $8 for 3 pair and they would have held almost no pee. I got ten pair of regular underwear for him for about the same amount.
      8Theresa Gould
      It is more challenging to find boys underwear. I noticed that the last time I bought our older boys underwear. Not sure why that is.
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