Moms and Stress

Having a child can be very stressful. How do you handle the stress?

One article mentioned that meditation can help. I tend to agree. Sometimes I find myself feeling like a big ball of worry and it is hard to unravel that ball and work on the things inside of it. If I take the time to relax myself I generally feel more able to handle things.

Below is an article that talks about using meditation for stress. Of course, there are many ways to deal with stress, this is just one of them. What do you do?…

    I handle stress through my barre3 classes.. it's one hour that I totally devote to myself. I don't feel guilty about making time to go each and every morning.. Monroe goes along and the daycare there watches him.. it's one amazing hour for myself. It's a workout and therapy all rolled into one. I don't think about my to do list.. it's awesome. After I leave I remind myself it's the best decision I made for myself that day :) I also love taking walks to break up my day or if something has rattled me.
      8Theresa Gould
      I use to walk all the time but found it wasn't the same with traffic and what not so I mostly journal (pray) and sometimes it takes pages to get the worry out of my mind.
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