Ok So I Took about An Hour long Nap and as soon as I moved over to get up I feel movement in the lower part of my stomach so I'm quietly freaking out/excited and the baby was just going back and fourth left then right, and I started to talked and the baby stopped, I'm wondering is it way to early for all that!?!

    8Theresa Gould
    I swear I felt some of mine long before the norm but was never completely sure until later. But it sure is an exciting milestone!
      I've read that you will notice the kicks sooner when your 2nd pregnancy since you know what to look for better. Around 20 weeks is a normal time to start noticing the kicks, of course this also depends on the size of your baby and how much they move. My daughter I didn't feel until I was at least 6 months a long. I'm 36 weeks with my son and have felt him since I was about 16 weeks. Of course he is bigger than my daughter and he is also considerably more active than she was. His movements are quite frequent, I rarely go more than an hour or so without feeling him do something lol.
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