Birthday party obsessed

Im so overly obessed and focused on making Lithia's 1st birthday perfect. So much, I forgot my own birthday is next month. I have never had a birthday party. My parents kinda sucked. But I strongly feel that if I do these sorts of things I missed out on in my childhood, it will help me accept what happened(or didn't) and move on. That I will be at peace with what happened. All too often, I tend to dwell on my childhood. and it was awful. But hopefully I can move forward, with doing everything I possibly can to make sure Lithia has a great childhood. :)

    8Theresa Gould
    I agree with Meg that it stinks you never had a birthday party. My birthday is in the summer and I have wonderful memories, even if my day was just spent on the lake with my family. I think you are a great mom to want to make Lithia's birthdays special. And it will probably be therapeutic for you to plan and host them for her, but I agree with Meg that being surrounded by people who love her (and you) is more important than every minute detail.
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