The cruelty of kids

There are so many crazy kids nowadays. I just heard that these teenage girls killed their friend because they didn't like her anymore. WTF? I know as early as I possibly can, I will be putting Lithia into self defense classes, and me and the hubby will also teach her how to disarm somebody. She needs something until she is able to get her concealed carry license. I strongly feel like more parents should do the same. Alot of people will argue that violence isn't the answer. I agree, mindless violence is horrible. But because we have so many people like that in this world, self defense training is a must. When I was 5 years old, there was a boy in my kindergarten class that, every single day, would push me into desks and walls and such. So bad, that i had to go to the hospital for a huge bruise on my hip that I had for several months. If my parents had taught me self defense, that boy would have stopped. Kids have always been mean, but nowadays, it seems to have gotten worse. And now that bullying has become more of an issue, our children need to be able to defend themselves. I will always tell Lithia, that I will never ever be mad at her for defending herself. But I will not tolerate her ever hitting or pushing or being mean to a kid for no reason.

    8Theresa Gould
    I have thought the same things and have wondered if I shouldn't put our children in self-defense classes but we have eight children and it is kind of cost prohibited for us right now.
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