I think I'm Pregnant.

So last month I had a regular period and not 15 days later I had another. It was a strange period. Two days of spotting one of a light flow and another day of spotting. I haven't had a period this month and I've had signs of pregnancy. I had heart burn a week straight, slight morning sickness, soar breasts, moody, craving food i hate and hating foid i love and I cry over things that aren't sad at all. And not to be gross but after sleeping with my fiancé I had a faded pink spot after I went to the bathroom. That lasted a few seconds and hasn't happened again. I'm really hoping I'm pregnant :)

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Hey I'm Mary. Some ppl know me a mystic. Its my fam name :) Anywho I'm currently in a relationship with my wonderful fiance Jordan Barker. Were getting married in August and going to try for a baby soon :)