WOW i been up since 6 and i feel the heat i didn't think it was going too be really bad being pregnant only for the last 2 months of the summer but i am feeling it now i had too drink alot of water yesterday because it was so hot and now today seems like its going too be a hot one again have too find a way too stay cool today happy i will be pregnant for most of the winter i dont really like the cold but i rather put more clothes on then too feel uncomfortable because of the HEAT lol

kandiUtica, New York
    )) in winter you would dream to be pregnant on summer)
    What about your previous pregnancies? When was it?
    my 1st- i was pregnant all summer he came 11/22
    my 2nd- i was pregnant all summer she came 10/02
    my 3rd- i was pregnant all winter and he came 05/17
    and this one is due in march so i will have had a little summer and winter :)
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