Well, we were supposed to have a nice family vacation and get out of the city for a couple of nights and also spend some time with my parents. The morning we were planning to leave, Kaitlyn woke up with a fever. It got up to 102.5, though after some Tylenol, it went down and the fever broke about 16 hours later. We know she was teething, though not sure if she also had a touch of a cold. She would not eat any baby food, was constantly chewing/biting everything (including my arm!), would put her hand by her mouth and just start crying. She just wanted to be held. It was a tough day. Thankfully, she did not bite me while nursing and by later the next day, she was back to her normal self.

We did find a hotel near us so we could get away for a night. It was nice, though still am feeling disappointed about not being able to get away and also to have my parents spend time with her. They do not get to spend much time with their granddaugther. We are trying to determine if we can make something else work, though it's tough finding a time we both can take off from work and find a hotel that fits within in our budget.

On the other hand, it was nice to have family time together and be able to just enjoy some downtime at home.

    so sorry for you and your vacations - but Kaitlyn really needs her teeth)).
    have you any toys she can chew (made from safe materials)? it can helps alot while teething.
    Could you parents visit you in your place?
    She has a number of teething toys that have been helping. We found out at daycare this morning that a number of kids were sick over the weekend or early this week, so something was going around. Thankfully, it was less than 24 hours where Kaitlyn felt really bad.
    My parents do visit, though it's usually only between 2-4 hours at a time, since that is all the time they have after the drive to/from. My dad is a farmer, so they can only be gone so long and my mom works a rotating schedule, so it can be tricky to schedule time together. We are working on dates to see what can work next month.
    Jen, I hope you'll have nice weekend as you've planned! I also dont like to cancel my plans, but baby... I really glad that Kaitlin is better now.
    What kind of farm does your father have?
    He has a small dairy herd and also raises crops. I do miss the peace and quiet of the country, though it is so nice having everything you need within a few minutes.
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