Breastfeeding For First Time Moms

To answer Kyla's question about first time breastfeeding, no, it's not true that you won't produce much just because you're a first time mother. All moms and all pregnancies are different. I produced a ton of milk and I am a first time mommy. Sometimes it takes a few days for the milk to fill in once the baby is born but don't stress about it. Stress can lower the amount of milk you produce. It's your pregnancy, not your neighbor's lol. Every woman is different, just remember that.

    I produced a ton of milk for my second. There was plenty for the first, but the second was insane.

    Remember that breastfeeding is a supply and demand relationship. If you don't nurse and do bottles instead because you feel like you're not making enough milk, your body will make less!
      "Dont stress - it can be the cause of your stress" - lol)
      How long have you breastfeeded Clara?
        I made a ton of milk too! During those early months I was like a fountain! Even so, I still stressed about it. I think it's built in for first time mommy's to stress out, LOL.

        We couldn't afford formula even if I wanted to use it so I really pushed to make breastfeeding work. Not having any formula in the house really helped. If the kid was hungry I had no choice but to breastfeed, you know? If she didn't get enough she'd cry again in an hour and I'd have no choice but to nurse her again. I think that really helped my supply adjust to what she needed and gave her plenty of practice. I definitely took time (like months) before breastfeeding started getting easier, but it was totally worth it. My daughter is healthy and my wallet is too!
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