18 n Pregnant and about to raise a five year old nephew of my husbands.

so much is going on in my life my husbands nephew is about to start kindergarten n he needs us. His daddy is in prison and mother is in jail. He is so excited we have a brand new three bedroom house he will have his own room for the first time in his life! My baby will also! We are excited my husband is a Correctional Officer and works 12 hour shifts im just worried it will be to much on me but i will have alot of help if i need it!

    That is a lot of work but it's so great that he has you guys! That's so cool he gets to have his own room :-)
      8Theresa Gould
      That is great you are able to take care of him. I would say call on your help as much as you need to. Congratulations on your pregnancy!
        He will be my lil helper too! he has already told me he wants to help feed the baby its bottle.
          If you ever need some help there are a lot of experienced moms on here. I'm sure they will have some great advice!
            Sounds like you are a busy bee but in the midst of it all you are very blessed. I know your nephew is very happy to be in a home with so much love. I'm so glad ur able to have help with the kiddos I know everything will be great! When is ur DD?
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