Frustrated Today...

I guess good days can only last so long.....

I really feel like I've bent over backwards to be nice and do nice things for her father. I feel like I've been the better person, despite my occasional nagging, and I've done a lot for him in order to better his relationship with her. And yet, it never seems to be enough for him. He already sees her three days a week. He doesn't keep her over night because in reality, he can't. So he sees her about 4-5 hours three days a week. And he AGAIN asks me if she can go over there on Sunday!

First of all, my ex isn't the most responsible person in the world and it bugs me, especially when he has her. But Sundays I'm really skeptical about because it's his "band practice". Yes, he's been trying to start a band since probably middle school and nothing successful yet....

But that's exactly my problem. He wants to have her at his house so she can play with the children of his bandmates. Uh, BIG RED FLAG THERE. As in, who in the heck is watching the kids???? If you're having band practice, and you're IN the band, how are you watching your kids? They leave it to the girls to watch the kids and that's so wrong to me. If you want the kids to see each other, plan for a day when you aren't having band practice! But since he's been coming over to my house to spend time with her (because she refuses to go to his house) I'm noticing that band practice happens quite often throughout the week and now I'm starting to see that's probably why he doesn't have a decent job. He won't work the days/hours he has band practice. So nobody will hire him because he's probably too picky about his work schedule. Funny how his work schedule has to revolve around band practice, and not his own child...

I'm just frustrated. He keeps saying I'm sheltering her by not letting her play with kids every single freakin day! She spends time with kids often enough and she's only 3! I don't need to socialize my 3 year old! Just because she doesn't have siblings doesn't mean I have to make her play with children every single day! And I'm sorry, I thought the days that you had her were supposed to be about you two! Not her and a bunch of kids! it's not wonder their relationship sucks because he doesn't bond with her at all. He just takes her places to play with everyone else.


    8Theresa Gould
    I would say that you have the right to say no and if you didn't want to get into the whys, just tell him you have prearranged days and Sundays are your day. He obviously does not understand your position in parenting.
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