Trying to stay hopeful

Since losing my last pregnancy at 13 weeks I am having a super hard time with the fact that I haven't gotten pregnant again. I had a beta hcg done yesterday because of getting lines on 4 separate tests to find out that they were all indents....the test was negative. I'm not sure how much a mama can take. After losing 2 babies I am beginning to wonder if this is going to happen again for me. End pity party!

    8Theresa Gould
    I'm sorry for your losses. I have experienced six losses in the past 16 years. My last loss was last June, but I am getting older too. Have you discussed your concerns with your doctor? Did they have any suggestions? Have they tested your progesterone? I wouldn't give up hope yet. Sometimes these things take time. It took me a couple losses and almost three years to conceive and carry our last child to term. Hugs.
      I feel you... I've lost a couple too, and have yet to get pregnant since then. ... It hurts, doesn't it? Anytime you need to talk, I'm around. Kimberley Marshall is going through almost the same thing too. Trying to conceive is a tough road for some of us, but it'll pay off in the end.

      Til then, you have us, prayers and hugs from me. Keep your chin up... Things WILL be okay.

      In the meantime, do you have anything that'll help you relax? Any little ways you can help pamper yourself and set your mind at east? A long bath? A walk?
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