Hi Moms!

4 days without home internet services....Bummer...

I wanted to tell you all a quick hello. I'm at the library and have to get going. I have an appt shortly.

I'm hoping for internet this week, just haven't tweaked the budget yet. Any internet service providers you recommend? ...that is great with speed and affordability?

I'm looking at DISH, Comcast, Clear and Frontier.

Until I can make it here next time....
Have a great week Ladies!

    8Theresa Gould
    Hi MaryJane! Sorry that your internet was out, how frustrating! I hate it when ours goes out or my computer gets overheated and slows down.

    We have Comcast and to be honest they have horrible customer service and are not very cheap. We didn't have much of a choice when moved here three years ago. I kind of think it's time to see what else is available.
      We have DISH for TV and Frontier for internet. Frontier is by far the WORST internet we have ever had...and that includes the dial-up days. It may be a little cheaper but it is terrible! Plus it is DSL so it goes through the phone line, the house we moved into had phone jacks but none of them worked so we had to have a tech come out and they wanted to charge us a huge sum, then he hooked everything up with broken equipment and it took me 3 months to get it figured out. They had to replace every line from our house to the office...it STILL doesn't work.
      I thought about DISH and when I looked the only problem for us was that they have packages for different amounts of usage, kind of like your cell phone provider. It wouldn't work for us.
      I think my parents have Comcast which is what we will be switching too once our Frontier contract runs out...I think those our the only options we have. Thank you small town Oregon! lol
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        century link was my favorite internet ever! I hated moving for the fact that we couldn't use them. Lol
          Hi Ladies! I did some calling around...Comcast is the best provider in my area in terms of price for the high speed that I want. I do have a phone number for Century Link which I'm curious about now since you 2- Laura and Amy - have had great service with them. I'll probably have something by end of week or early next week. Been travelling to the library. It takes me an additional hour to get out of the house, and that's with me already showered, dressed and ready to go. It'll be interesting to have baby outside of my body....Will I be slower or just as slow???
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