i hate complaining

i feel like a whiner but my pregnancy is terrible i hurt sooooo bad my back is non stop aching and my bell n hip i cant get relif

    Your ligaments are looser this time around. I know your pain. Go to spinningbabies.com, they have some awesome exercises that helped. I had to wear my bellaband whenever we left the house to help keep some of the weight off my hips. I spent a lot of time sitting and kept diapers and wipes close by my chair so I didn't have to go upstairs much. I had a bar stool in the kitchen so I didn't have to stand for long.
    Hip circles helped a lot, think slow hula dance.
    Getting on my hands and knees, arching back and then straightening back out.
    Squats (do these with hubby behind you or a stool or a wall), keep your feet flat and go down as far as you can, hold it as long as you can.
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