Are some babies more giggly than others?

Mamas.. do you think that some babies are more giggly than others? If you had more than one baby, did you notice that one was happier than another more often than not? I just had Monroe, so everything is new with him and I never know if things are common or uncommon with him too. He is a VERY happy and giggly baby.. most times I can make him giggle just by looking at him differently or smiling.. I love seeing him so happy but I often wonder if it's just normal at this age :)

    It does seem to be pretty normal for them to be happy and giggly. Andrew wasn't so much until we fixed his stomach issues. But Grace barely cries and the other two girls didn't cry that much, either.
      I think babies personality develops as they get older, some may laugh and giggle sooner than others. Selena's first laugh was so cute, I think she was 5 months when it was a real laugh, not just a giggle. Now when Selena likes to run holding my hands she laughs when I stop and have her turn around in the house.
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