last night i was up a couple of times through the night i just could not get comfortable i don't know what is going on now since i am up my back hurts and i am a little tired maybe i will take a early walk today see if that helps AND I AM ALWAYS HUNGRY!!!!!! i don't know if this is too soon for me too be eating the way i do as soon as i eat about an hour later i feel like i am starving again this is crazy the Chinese calendar says i am having a girl but my signs tell me i am having a boy but i am not going too find out this time my husband said he will though

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    so true tabitha ....try sleeping on ur right side with a pillow between ur legs it helps and for back pain use a warm towel ....good luck and congratulations
      Seems like you are pregnant). By the way, I'm not pregnant - but always hungry, what's wrong with me?
      Do other kids want to know who will it be - boy or girl?
      yes i believe they do my daughter still wants a sister and my son wants another brother and my husband wants another boy lol so this family is once going too be divided by the results but they did ok with the results of mariah i think my daughter will take it the worse because she was happy about mariah and then when we had explained what happened too her she was devastated so i hope everything goes well this time i would hate too see my daughter upset again :( all i can do is pray i dont care either way as long as its healthy in my heart i know i would love another girl too even things up lol
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