Big Kid tantrums???

Have any of you ever dealt with full out tantrums at older ages? My almost 7 year old is normally not a tantrum thrower. However the past month or so he has been throwing huge fits! I mean jumping up and down, screaming, hitting things, throwing himself down fits! And it gets triggered over the tiniest things.....Im not sure whats going on or how to curb this behavior....thoughts???

4Ariel LaCosteCanyon, Texas
    My nine year old does this when she's at our house... But she does from getting all the attention with her grandparents to having responsibility and chores and expected to not act like a two year old here.
      4Ariel LaCoste
      I did find if I hugged him he calmed down. It was soothing for me as we'll :) maybe he needs more connection with me
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