i was told today that i need to figure out on my own how to get my kids to there docs and school and what not. That im not getting help no longer, I kno that it needs to happen but im lost. A 25yr old single mother of two small kids one of which is special needs, Ive never driven dont have a job and never lived completly on my own. i just wana curl up in a ball and never move.

    my parents mostly my mother, ya i could his doc is like 35 mins away from my house driving so it will take like and hour and half on the bus with a 40 min walk to get to the bus stop from my house with it being 102 outside. ive put out apps no one wants me and baby sitting from home woud be great ecept my mother doesnt want ppl in her house thats why i feel lost . thank you i need all the prayers i can get
      8Theresa Gould
      I'm sorry. Is there anyone else who can help you out? Friends? Other family? Neighbors?
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