Need to figure something out!

i lost my job due to being robbed and i have a 2 year old little girl. my daughters step dad has really stepped up and told me that i could be a stay at home mom. but sitting at home is not something i really want to do. but with me being so close to my due date nobody will hire me. i dont know what to do.

    8Theresa Gould
    Sorry you got robbed, Rachel, how scary. Were you working at a store and it got robbed?

    What a wonderful man your daugther's step dad is to say you could stay home with your girls. Being a stay at home mom doesn't mean you have to sit around and do nothing all day. There will always be meals, dishes to wash, laundry and cleaning to take care of, not to mention capturing all the milestones of your daughters' growth and development!

    Do you have any hobbies? What skills do you have?
      It is such a horrible feeling to get robbed. I'm sorry that happened.
      I thought I would go crazy being home all day but there is PLENTY to fill the day with. Especially if you have more than on little one.
        If you have any kind of crafting talent you can open a shop on etsy.

        I agree with what the others say about being a stay at home mom. My mom was one until my brother and I got much older. It was nice coming home knowing my mom would be there.
        Maybe you could be a dog walker? Or if you're feeling up t o it, maybe you could babysit some children in your area? That way your daughter can help you bc she will have a playmate.
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        I am a stay at home mom and money is getting a little tight and find a job so close to my due date nobody will hire me. Trying to find something to help ends meet.
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