QUESTION: May be TMI, but I still need to know. Thank You.

I know when keeping up with your period day 1 is the 1st day you bleed, but this month things happened a little know the nasty brownish discharge you get as you're coming off your period...well yesterday (the 24th) I had the light brownish discharge that I normally get afterward, & now today (3am on the 25th) I'm actually which day is considered the beginning of my cycle? Trying to figure it out so I know when I'm supposed to start using my ovulation kit. Sorry for the TMI, & thank you for any help you can provide.

So count the 24th as my 1st day?
I'm using an android app called my days. It's been pretty accurate at predicting when I'm going to start (even with me having a very irregular one). It also tracks your ovulation.
Thks for the tip) I have Iphone, should try to find the same. I usualy use calendars in websites like WebMD.
By the way, there will be ovulation calendar on soon)
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